Charles Barkley again says he won’t get personal with LeBron James; Shaq defends King

Fans expecting to hear Charles Barkley go nuclear on LeBron James on Thursday were disappointed.

Barkley had a chance to deliver one (or more) zinger to James on TNT’s “NBA Tip-Off,” but he chose instead just to defend his earlier criticism of James and pledge again not to get personal with any player.

To those who screech, “They knew it was dangerous when they started playing it, they had a choice” — no, you’re wrong, they didn’t know all of this. There’s no plausible way they could have.

Make that argument in 20 or 30 years, when the kids coming up now have grown up. No sensible person can look at that sobering graphic and the faces attached to it, from Hall of Famers to long-forgotten short-timers, and speak for them, believing they went into it as many as eight decades ago with the idea that their brains would someday betray them.

There’s still going to be a lot of denial about this; there always has been, every time another revelation about the toll of this sport goes public.

On the other hand, every time, there also is another group of parents who declare that their child will never play it. Not to mention another player who walks away from the NFL to save whatever he has left.

Players were reporting to training camps around the league Tuesday as the report went public. There’s no question many took notice and reconsidered their options at least a little.

Those who still live and profit off of the game, and who have US Cheap Jerseys voids that need filling from it, will keep fighting it. The battles will continue.

But if this is really a “war,” they lost this battle.

How do you overcome “110 out of 111”? And why would you even Really Cheap Jerseys try?

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