The ’Wait, what?’ All-Stars: MLB’s most surprising statistical leaders so far in 2017

The first month of the MLB season always produces a handful of odd statistics, but these things typically have ways of evening out.

Remember when Chris Shelton hit 10 homers in 25 games for the Tigers in April 2006 and then only six in his final 90 games of the season? Yeah. It happens.

Why that’s surprising: Dyson was expected to set plenty of career highs this season, his first as a full-time starter in the majors. This category is a bit surprising, though, considering the speedster had been hit by a pitch exactly nine times in 1,539 plate appearances heading into this season.

Thursday afternoon, Pillar tweeted a statement acknowledging he had used inappropriate language toward Motte.

By doing so I had just helped extend the use of a word that has no place in baseball, in sports or anywhere in society today, he wrote. I’m completely and utterly embarrassed and feel horrible to ahve put the fans, my teammates and the Blue Jays organization in this position.

Pillar added that he has apologized to Motte personally and extended that apology to the Braves, their fans, and the LGBTQ community.

This is not who I am and [I] will use this as an opportunity to better myself, he concluded.

Pillar and Motte’s incident wasn’t the only heated moment of the game. The very next inning, Jose Bautista flipped his bat after a homer even though Atlanta was up, 8-3. That led to the benches clearing yet again.

Emotions will be high again when the teams face off Thursday.

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Melo would spend the 2017-18 season rehabilitating his image as a player

Meanwhile, the players’ union complained to the league office about Phil Jackson’s comments about Carmelo and issued a sternly worded letter. Michele Roberts makes a great point: If players get sanctioned for demanding trades, why shouldn’t a franchise get sanctioned for publicly requesting a player to waive his no-trade clause (which is what Jackson essentially did)?

And finally: Here’s Adrian Wojnarowski’s excellent column on why Best Cheap Jerseys From China Kristaps Porzingis is so mad at the Knicks.

D-League Digest’s Adam Johnson reports that the Clippers, one of the last D-League holdouts, are in talks to add a squad in Ontario or Bakersfield next season.

And finally: Our condolences to Isaiah Thomas’s family. His younger sister was killed in a car crash in Washington on Saturday morning. That family has shown resilience in the face of tragedy before, but that does not make Chyna’s death any less tragic. Our thoughts are with them.

Melo could realize that his career is too short to risk wasting another year Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys fighting with a 71-year-old man and waive his no-trade clause outright. That would allow the Knicks to move Anthony to whichever team offers the best package.

Melo would spend the 2017-18 season rehabilitating his image as a player — ramping up the defensive intensity, accepting whatever offensive role he’s given, sharing the ball — while planning to opt out in 2018 and become a free agent. This time, he signs where he can win.

The problem with this option is that Melo loves New York and really shouldn’t be expected to waive his no-trade clause just because his team president is being aggressively ornery. It’s unreasonable to suggest Melo should do this. It can only happen if he decides it’s best for his career.