LeBron James doesn’t view Warriors as Cavs’ rival

Don’t ask LeBron James if he’s ready for a rivalry clash Monday against the Warriors. He doesn’t believe they exist in the NBA.

Even though the two teams have faced off and split the last two championships, James feels like the Cavs and Warriors are just two great teams co-existing.

“I don’t think we have a rival in our game today,” James said after Cavs practice Sunday, via ESPN.com. “We’ve had two great Finals appearances the last two years, but I had the same with San Antonio when I was in Miami. We weren’t rivals. And I think I played those guys more, so I wouldn’t look at it as rivals.”

James has heaped praise on the Warriors in recent seasons as the two squads battled for supremacy. James paid them the ultimate compliment Sunday to sum up his feelings.

Rose has been inconsistent this season for a team that dropped to 17-21 with what, indeed, was a humiliating home loss to the Pelicans.

Acquired in the offseason from the Bulls, Rose, 28, is averaging 17.3 points, 4.5 assists and 3.9 rebounds in 33 games this season.

Also, we didn’t appreciate the shot at “Air Bud” but … can’t really defend it.

Anyway, we’ll end this with the woke-est line in the trailer, which had literally never occurred to me until watching it.

“The movie doesn’t even take place in space.” Golden State has been playing better than Cleveland recently, as the defending champions are still struggling Patriots Cheap Jerseys to find their footing with key players shuffling in and out of the lineup.

The Cavaliers should be healthy Monday night, but it will still Soccer Cheap Jerseys be tough walking out of Oracle Arena with a win.

Mariners’ Nelson Cruz, Jean Segura exit with injuries in consecutive innings

This is the Curse of the Bambino, Lelands’ Josh Evans said, via ESPN.com. It transcends everything. It changed America.

Boston ended the Curse of Bambino in 2004 with a sweep of the Cardinals. The Red Sox had previously won a World Series in 1918.

After the 1919 season, Frazee sold Ruth to the Yankees for $100,000. Frazee also received a $300,000 loan from the Yankees to seal the deal. The loan was secured using a mortgage on Fenway Park, meaning if Frazee defaulted, the Yankees would have owned the Red Sox’s ballpark as well.

With the Ruth contract back on the market, it will be interesting to see if it’s a Yankees supporter or a Red Sox supporter who buys it.

It could be a big blow for the slumping Mariners, who traded for Segura this past offseason. The 27-year old entered Thursday’s game batting a league-leading .344 with an .858 OPS but was placed on the DL in April with a hamstring injury.

Cruz, 36, was slashing was slashing .279/.362/.519 with 12 home runs and an AL-leading 42 RBIs. The Rockies went on for a 6-3 victory.

Both Judge and Conforto have climbed the ladder and rank among the top outfielders in their respective leagues. Both will garner All-Star consideration and are capable of sustaining their high level of success throughout the year. But who has more value?

While their bats are about equal, Judge has emerged as the more complete player. He has the lead in overall WAR (2.89 to 1.99), dWAR (0.42 to -0.32) oWAR (2.3 to 2.18) and has a slightly better batting line.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of their seasons ’ and careers ’ shape up. Both players will be successful, but Judge has the slight edge right now.

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