It’s the last thing Jackson should be trying to handle personally.

A bizarre conflict has emerged at the Scouting Combine, with multiple reports from NFL Network suggesting that teams asked quarterback Lamar Jackson to participate in receiver drills and Jackson saying that never happened.

The NFLN reports come from unnamed sources. Jackson, the ultimate source, says it never happened. Given that Jackson represents himself, it’s not as if the request was made to someone else and not related to Jackson.

At its core, this could simply be nothing more than an effort by an agent who represents another quarterback vying to be taken as early as possible in the draft. What better way to do that than to raise questions about Jackson’s draft fortunes, either by stoking the he should play receiver fire or by creating the impression that he’s not being honest?

It also could be #fakenews planted by a team that would like to see Jackson plunge, just far enough so that that team can draft him.

Either way, Jackson needs someone on his side who knows how to put out this weird little fire quickly.

It’s a smart approach by Rodgers, who has two years left on his current deal at an average of $21 million per year. Cousins likely will nudge the highest paid ever bar a little higher than its current mark of $27.5 million, and Rodgers will then have a target for his next deal.

The most intriguing aspect (at least for me) of the next Aaron Rodgers deal will be whether Rodgers surpasses Cousins’ average in new money or total value at signing. Guys like Cousins and Garoppolo are signing contracts from scratch, so their new money will match the total value. Rodgers could easily become the highest-paid player in new money, even if the total value of the deal at signing comes in under the Garoppolo or Cousins numbers.

Rodgers should insist in being the highest paid in total value at signing, which would entail throwing out the last two years of the contract and doing a deal from scratch.

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams is staying on brand. The 40-year-old – who initially retired from the NFL in 2004 after he was rumored to have tested positive for marijuana for a third time in under a year – has started his own brand of cannabis called Real Wellness (Ricky’s Stickies must have been taken).

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young football players have learned that it can be easier to make money as a defensive back in the long run

The beagle is in dire need of a dog brand makeover. There was a time when beagles were the world’s best dog friends, but the internet has caused them to be eclipsed by Corgies, Frenchies, and the Alaskan Malamute.

This is a realistic hire for these pups. They can’t afford a big-name first-round pick, so getting a mid-round linebacker from Wisconsin just makes sense to revitalize their image. It starts with whatever team drafts Biegel, then spreads virally to ensure beagles are back on top.

More and more, football teams use nickel defenses (defensive packages that include a fifth DB) as every-down, base defenses, rather than as packages for special situations. Playing five DBs on almost every play means you have to keep your roster constantly well-stocked.

Also, young football players have learned that it can be easier to make money as a defensive back in the long run, rather than as a wide receiver or running back. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the RB bounce back from an NFL draft drought somewhat, but the days of every speedy athlete only wanting to play with the ball in his hands are over.

And despite the NFL trend of favoring big DBs, the higher levels of football still provide plenty of opportunities for shorter players to go pro as defensive backs.

Add all of that together, plus a little bit of the random chance that occurs NBA Jerseys For Sale when 32 teams all compete over the same list of prospects, and you’ve got what’s becoming the deepest DB draft Cheap Jerseys To Design ever, on paper at least.